Episode Five of the Lion in Tweed: The Lion in Tweed and Mutton Red plan for a show on Peacemaker's Stage and play a song by Ry Cooder



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The Lion in Tweed was setting up equipment in the dining room because there was more space than in his office--where he recorded his solo work--and, unlike the salon, the chairs in the dining room were armless: an important criterion for the seated guitarist.

Red (suddenly): Hello

The Lion started and swung his massive head around, his stomach clenching into the bottom of his ribcage, but it was just Mutton Red, pushing open the door with his right paw and with his guitar case in his left.

"Hello my friend! I didn't mean to give you a start!" said Red.

"No, no, not at all," he lied. "Welcome, welcome, Red. And how are you on this fine day?"

Red: Great!

Mutton Red was here to plan a show: they were going to play on Peacekeeper's Stage downtown. Or was it Peacemaker's Stage? Peacemaker's seemed more likely. Peacekeepers was about the UN, he thought.

The Lion walked with Red back to the improvised recording studio at the dining room table, and decided to ask Red what he knew about the venue.

"So Peacemaker's Stage downtown," said the Lion.

Red: "Yeah," said Red. "Peacemaker's stage."

The Lion looked into the air. "You think they have electricity there?"

Red: Well, when they were ---

[ Recorded clip in which Red describes watching Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan dedicate the Peacemaker's Trail, of which the Stage is a part, behind the statue of Martin Luther King. Mayor Matt Ryan had access to electricity. The Lion accidentally makes a joke about access to power. ]

Mutton Red was pulling out his guitar. "You got something you want to play?" asked the Lion.

Red looked up. "Yep, just a second."

[ They play: "Red Cat 'Til I Die," track 13 on Ry Cooder's album "My Name is Buddy."

Red Cat 'Til I Die is credited to "The original Cardboard Avenue Jaywalkers": Buddy Red Cat (vocal, guitar), Lefty Mouse (fiddle), The Reverand Tom Toad (tambourine). Also worth listening to: "One Cat, One Vote, One Beer." Here are the lyrics. I'm posting them because of the great suggestion by Aern the Athiest on twitter. Thanks for the suggestion, Aern!]

The Lion brought his friend to the door.

The Lion walked back from the door, beating out a rhythm on his chest.

He picked up his guitar.

The Lion in Tweed begins to play "Jesus, Etc" from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Wilco's 2001 release: an album that has not seen its equal. (Wilco, Jeff Tweedy, alt. country; that would be a good episode, the Lion thought to himself.)


Andreas: Thank you for listening to Episode 5 of the Lion in Tweed: The Lion in Tweed and Mutton Red plan for a show on Peacemaker's Stage and play a song by Ry Cooder.

This is the


of the podcast.

Scott: I'm Scott Henkel, and I voice Mutton Red, play guitar, and sing.

Andreas: Scott and I are going to record an episode live, either on July 30th at 5pm, at the Peacemaker's Stage in downtown Binghamton, in conjunction with RiverRead Books. We will tell the story of Mutton Red and the Lion's first meeting. Don't miss it.

Scott: We will announce the time on @thelionintweed on twitter, or the Lion Tweed page on facebook. Or you can email me at red@thelionintweed.com or email the lion at thelion@thelionintweed.com.

Andreas: Check it out! New email addresses! Now musician collaborators on my podcast will get @thelionintweed.com email addresses to go along with their characters. All the more reason to contact me if you're a musician and talk to me about making an episode together. We're building a community here.

Scott: That's exactly right.

Scott: I would like to say a few words about Peacemaker's Stage. On the day I heard the mayor dedicate the stage and trail, he said:

``The Peacemaker’s Trail seeks to educate, inspire and unite,'' said Mayor Ryan. ``Peacemakers have a played a fundamental role in promoting social justice in our country and around the world, and they continue to do so today. Dr. King’s example is second to none, and we’re proud to honor him with a statue at the center of this trail, which also highlights the work of other peacemakers. We hope the Peacemaker’s Trail makes Binghamton a beacon for peace and understanding, attracting citizens from across the Southern Tier and beyond.''

Source: "Mayor Ryan, Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, Cliff Frazier and Community Partners Dedicate MLK Statue and Peacemaker's Stage" 11/17/2010


The Lion in Tweed and Mutton Red

The Lion in Tweed Episode 5 sound mix by Charles Weiselberg.

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