Episode Six of the Lion in Tweed: Kitty, Supper, and the Lion in Tweed start a bonfire with a Tinderconk and a song by Blind Willie Johnson



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On the plateau with night falling

Supper was circling the cone of wet wood in the middle of the plateau. He was looking at it up and down, evaluating whether it would be ready to go.

A thin sliver of the moon was rising on the horizon. The wind smelled of rot and subsoil. The five streams below were swollen from the rain.

Kitty was sitting on the edge of the clearing. She licked between her toes, then paw to the nose.

The Lion looked at Supper's greasy back. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Well, thanks for asking, big cat," Supper said. "Do you have some kind of wick for the fire?"

The Lion patted his pockets and began to empty the contents on the ground, in the brightest part of the clearing. An iPod, out of juice. A notepad. A pen. A couple of harmonicas. A handkerchief. "Would this work?" he offered.

Supper nodded. "Soak that in some lamp oil, we can light this wood like a candle."

Kitty began to hum. The day was moving into twilight, and as it did, Kitty disappeared, Cheshire-like, but for her eyes and teeth.

Supper was tearing the handkerchief into strips. "So what brings you up here?" he asked Kitty.

Kitty: "Same as you, no? Coming up from the water below?"

Supper: "Surely, surely, girly, girly. Why this here plateau?"

Kitty: "Hmm, just a feeling." She strummed her guitar again. "Seeking higher ground."

Supper picked up the completed torch. He pulled out from a pouch on his belt a Tinderconk, a woody mushroom that held a single ember. He set the ember to the torch, but it didn't catch.

Kitty: "I see a glow, but it just won't go. I know just the song to get this fire along. Old blind willie taught me this here ditty."

Supper: "Let's hear it little kitty."

Kitty began to play.

The Lion looked at her. "I'm not sure if I understood that. Are you saying there's song we can play to this fire going?"

Supper: "I'll get my mandolin."

The wind picked up, and the little fire began to grow.


Andreas: Thank you for listening to The Lion in Tweed Episode 6: Kitty, Supper, and the Lion in Tweed start a bonfire with a Tinderconk and a song by Blind Willie Johnson

Andreas: In previous episodes, I announced the


of the podcast when it began. In this episode, I'm half way through, so the in medias refs one might say.

The references section began with the sound of fire, which I downloaded from freesound.org under a creative commons license which requires attribution to dobroide who uploaded a recording of thin olive tree branches crackling in a fireplace on Jul 16, 2005 and then offered it up to the world to be used in creative projects like this one. Thank you, dobriode.

Kitty is voiced by Jennifer Brondell. She also plays guitar, sings, and told the story about Arlo Guthrie and the more perfect union.

Supper is voiced by Brandon Cruz, who also plays mandolin, sings, and told about the setting of the Arlo Guthrie show, that it was at an anti-fracking concert sponsored by Ommegang. His character Supper is named after SUP, stand-up paddleboarding.

The three of us would like to thank our friends at the bonfire where we developed this episode: Raul, Alejandra, Ben, Sarah, Mina, Charles, Charlie, Jenny, Alison, Walter, and my wonderful wife Emily. It was a great time and we hope that the feel of this episode may have captured part of that evening, perhaps indirectly.

Are you a musician or comedian? Are you interested in the podcast career model? Please see my webpage at http://thelionintweed.com/business-side.html I would like to read a small part of that page here:

The business model of The Lion in Tweed is a public radio model. The model is: frequently release a very small number of songs (in my case, a handful every two weeks or so, in a narrative structure), and give them away as a free podcast. I seek to develop a close relationship with my fans, and then eventually ask for memberships, have an annual membership drive, etc., like a public radio station.

Here is my free advertisement for Ommegang beer: it's a great local upstate beer that helps defend the Susquehanna River basin fracking. I say: Make mine a Rare Vos, which means 'strange fox.' If that doesn't sound like a character in "The Lion in Tweed," I don't know what does.

Thanks again for listening. Please send me an email if you liked the episode at thelionintweed@gmail.com or tweet about it to @thelionintweed. If it's nice, I'll retweet it! We're curious what you think.


Supper, Kitty, and The Lion in Tweed

The Lion in Tweed Episode 6 sound mix by Charles Weiselberg.

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