The Lion in Tweed: All Episodes so far.

1. Episode One: The Lion in Tweed plays at the Eastern Economics Association Annual Meetings for an Audience which includes Paul Krugman. In this episode, the lion in tweed travels to the city where, if you make it there, you can make it anywhere. Does he 'make it?' Hard to say. Posted March 19, 2011.

2. The Lion in Tweed Episode Two: From Lombard Street to Sausalito, with a bit by Bill Cosby In which the lion travels from Lombard Street on the sixth floor to Sausalito. He thinks about seafood and a song he wrote that includes the line "Took the first road out of 'Frisco." He'd heard that San Francisco residents hated that shortening of their city name. Posted Apr 11, 2011.

3. The Lion in Tweed Episode Three: Good Friday Night by the Mighty Chenengo, Waiting for Ken Nordine It was 10 O'Clock by the Chenengo River, and it was cold. The wind played with his hair, and he stuffed his paws into his pockets. Posted May 3, 2011.

4. Episode Four of the Lion in Tweed: People come and people go on Gorgeous Washington Street in front of Orion Beauty and Balance Gorgeous Washington Street had a sign on either end that clearly identified itself as `Gorgeous.' The Lion used its official name at every opportunity. Posted May 26, 2011.

5. The Lion in Tweed and Mutton Red plan for a show on Peacemaker's Stage and play a song by Ry Cooder The Lion in Tweed and Mutton Red plan a musical event: a live show at Peacemaker's Stage on July the Thirtieth. That's a Saturday. They sing a song about a red cat and his hobo friends, originally performed by same. Posted Jun 20, 2011.

6. Episode Six of the Lion in Tweed: Kitty, Supper, and the Lion in Tweed start a bonfire with a Tinderconk and a song by Blind Willie Johnson Supper, Kitty, and the Lion in Tweed decide to start a campfire on the plateau where they have escaped the rising water below, and Kitty suggests an unorthodox way of helping the fire along. Posted Jul 12, 2011.

7. Episode Seven of the Lion in Tweed: The Lion in Tweed and Mutton Red at Live at Peacemaker's Stage, playing a song by Buffy Sainte-Marie. The Lion in Tweed and Mutton Red perform on Peacekeeper's Stage and tell the story of how they met. It's over a song by Buffy Sainte-Marie, it turns out. Posted Aug 14, 2011.

8. Episode Eight of the Lion in Tweed: The Lion in Tweed and Half Dollar play Jeff Tweedy songs and discuss Aumann and Meyerson on Peak's Island in Casco Bay The Lion in Tweed and Half Dollar met up for a long weekend on an island. They're old college friends: they were both first-years in Barrows at Oberlin College back in '94. They talk about math and game theory and play some alt country and Americana tunes on banjo and harmonica. There are foghorns and oceans and crickets and a plane and Dark & Stormys. Posted Sep 28, 2011.