How to Subscribe to the Podcast:

0. Here is the archive list of every episode.

A. Here is the iTunes link. Here is the rss feed for the podcast, for your podcatcher of choice. Here is the enhanced podcast rss feed, if you want the shows to have chapters.

B. Here is the rss feed of the episode pages as they occur, like a blog, for your feed reader of choice.

C. Here is the rss feed of all the songs, delivered as a podcast. Feel free to integrate them into your collection. If you subscribe to this feed, make sure to select `download all available episodes' because I post to this feed in batches.

D. If you don't know what rss means and you want to subscribe in some other way, please email the lion. I can email you when new episodes come out.

E. Here is a link to the "More About the Lion in Tweed" page.